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AAMI Stadium is the home of Australian Rules football in South Australia. AAMI Stadium

Located in West Lakes, the stadium serves as the home ground for both SA based AFL clubs – Adelaide and Port Adelaide Football Clubs – and is also the administrative base for the South Australian National Football League.

Originally named Football Park, the stadium was built in 1972. The stadium hosted its first football match on May 4, 1974, between Central District and North Adelaide. Barry Hearl from North Adelaide Kicked the first goal at Football Park, but Central won the clash by 30 points.

In terms of size, AAMI Stadium is the biggest sporting venue in South Australia. With 51,224 seats, the playing surface spans approximately two hectares and the distance from one end to the other is 165 metres.

For night matches, the Stadium’s four light towers are switched on. It was announced in 2008 that these light towers would be replaced as part of the AAMI Stadium redevelopment plan. For the latest on the redevelopment,
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Andre Rieu Concert at AAMI StadiumAAMI Stadium does not only host football matches. Major artists, including ABBA, Dire Straits, U2, The Rolling Stones, Robbie Williams and Andre Rieu, have performed at the ground. The Stadium has also hosted international cricket matches and more recently, a Twenty20 charity match that raised money for Victorian bushfire survivors

Arena Facts

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Q: How big is the playing surface?
A: The playing surface covers approximately 2 hectares, with the average distance between the boundary line and fence being 6 metres.

The distance from one end to the other, goal to goal, is 165 metres.
From fence to fence, it is 177 metres.

The distance across the oval, from wing to wing, is 133metres.
From fence to fence it is 145 metres.

Q: What type of grass is grown on the surface?
A: The original turf consisted of 17 varieties of grass. The playing surface now is a combination of mainly couch and rye grass.

Q: How much drainage is necessary?
A: The playing surface is protected by 4kms of drainage piping, set 61cm below the surface. To assist with drainage, there is a fall of 92cm from the centre to the boundary.

Q: How does the surface get watered?
A: AAMI Stadium and the surrounding 17 hectares of parkland have a computerized watering system. The computer can be set to water the Stadium’s playing surface in as little as 13 minutes (when watering in fertilizer), or up to 10 hours when giving the surface a thorough soaking.

The League’s own 2 bores supply the water and can each pump 1000 litres of water per minute. There are 22 full circle sprinklers on the playing surface and a further 20 around the perimeter.

Q: How is the arena lit up at night?
A: AAMI Stadium has 4 light towers, each standing 55 metres high, and hosing 122 globes. The towers are automatically controlled at 4 different levels.

The cost of running level 1, 2 and 3 when turned on is over $400 per hour.

AAMI Footy Facts

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Q: When was the first game played?
A: The first match was played on May 4, 1974 between Central District Football Club 21.13 (139) and North Adelaide Football Club 16.13 (109)

The first official AFL premiership match was played on March 22, Round 1 of 1991, between the Adelaide Crows 24-11 (155) and Hawthorn9-15 (69), in front of 44,902 fans.

Q: Who kicked the first goal at Football Park?
A: Barry Hearl from the North Adelaide Football Club

Q: What is the seating capacity?
A: AAMI Stadium’s capacity is 51,224, the fourth highest capacity Stadium hosting AFL in Australia.

Q: When was the Northern Grandstand opened?
A: August 2001

Q: What is the capacity of the Northern Grandstand?
A: 7,000

Q: What is the record crowd at AAMI Stadium?
A: The highest crowd ever recorded was 66,897 (before the installation of seating) at the 1976 Grand Final, played between Sturt and Port Adelaide.

51,140 is the highest crowd recorded since the introduction of seating, and was at the Showdown between the Crows and the Power on 26 April 2003.

Q: How many people attend AAMI Stadium each year?
A: In the vicinity of 1 million people visit the Stadium each year.

Q: How many SANFL AAMI Stadium Members are there?
A: 19,500

Q: How many cars do the car parks at AAM Stadium hold?
A: 8,750 (including Westfield West Lakes)

Q: How many gates are there?
A: Six Public Gates, four Members Gates, and one Players' Gate.

Q: How many staff are employed during AFL games?
A: Approximately 800 staff work on a match day, including car park staff, gate staff, catering staff, and grounds and maintenance staff.

Q: How many changerooms are there at AAMI Stadium?
A: At AAMI Stadium there are five changerooms, as well as the Adelaide Football Club’s Player Facility (opened in 1994).

2005/2006 saw the redevelopment of the Port Adelaide changerooms at AAMI Stadium, as well as the construction of a crèche facility for Players’ children on Match Days.

Over the off season of 2006/2007, the remaining changerooms were redeveloped to create a larger Visiting Club changeroom, and a new Umpires changeroom, as well as a refurbishment of the 3 smaller changerooms.

Q: When were the Superscreens installed?
A: The first Superscreen was a Panasonic AZFT30 Astrovision screen and was launched on June 20, 1998.

The second Superscreen was launched on April 14 2007. On this day new LED panel scoreboards, located underneath the Superscreens, were also launched.

Q: What are the dimensions of the Superscreens and what are they made of?
A: The Superscreens are 68.9m square (11.04m wide x 6.24m high)

There are 192 cubic metres of concrete in the footings and structure of the Superscreen, and 52 tonnes of steel used in the Superscreen and Tri Vision Structure.

Catering Facts

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Q: How many kiosks are there at AAMI Stadium?
A: There are 18 kiosks, plus 12 outside catering vans. There are two bars in the members' area and five in the public area, as well as mobile bars located outside the ground on a match day.

Q: How many Corporate Hospitality Facilities are there at AAMI Stadium?

A: There are 153 Open Facilities, varying in size from four to 14 seats; 29 Enclosed Facilities ranging from eight to 12 person capacity; 27 Premier Facilities accommodating 14 people; and 33 Superboxes, with 18-20 person capacity.

Q: When was the Magarey Room opened?
Originally, the function room at AAMI Stadium, accommodation up to 400 people was opened on August 9, 1985. This was redeveloped to cater for up to 800 people, and re-opened as The Park Convention Centre on March 20, 1992 by then Prime Minister Paul Keating.

In 2007, the Convention Centre was renamed the Magarey Room, after SANFL legend William Magarey.

Q: How many kitchen staff are on duty for an AFL match day?
A: Eleven chefs, three apprentice chefs and 25 kitchen hands are rostered to work each AFL match day.

Upgrades to AAMI Stadium

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Development year
Seating in the outer 1982 1982
Concourse Roofing 1982 1982
Additional Electronic Scoreboard (Northern End) 1983 1983
Light Towers erected 1984 1984
TAB and SANL Administration building 1985 1985
Lift & Disabled Area 1987
Brick Paved Parking Area 1988
Changeroom 1 & 6 Fitout 1988
Oval No. 3 Lights Erected 1989
Original AFC gym built 1991
High Voltage Power Upgrade 1991
Additional Kiosks/Concessions 1991
Convention Centre and Kitchen Upgrade 1992
AFC Offices built 1992
No smoking policy introduced 1994
Additional PA System installed 1994
Park Pavilion Suites completed 1997
Upgrade of AFC gym and Administration building 1998
Northern Superscreen erected 1998
Undercover disabled Viewing Area 1999
New Media Centre 1999
Premier Facilities completed 2001
Northern Grandstand completed and opened 2001
New Bus Terminal opened 2001
AAMI Stadium Naming Rights 2002
Upgrade of Crows Tavern 2003
New bucket seating installed 2004
Upgrade of AFC Administration building 2004
Upgrade of Kiosks in Members Area 2006
Upgrade of PAFC Changeroom & Crèche 2006
Upgrade of Visiting Club Changeroom 2007
Southern Superscreen Erected 2007
New Public Address System installed 2007
Player Bunker Boxes on Oval upgraded 2007
Upgrade of Kiosks and Bars in Public Area 2007/2008

AAMI Grounds Facility opened 2008
New Crows facility 2009


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