How to have the best hen’s night in Melbourne

Marriage is usually considered to be a pretty permanent thing, so making those final moments of total freedom memorable is important! Here’s three tips on how to have a good hens night in Melbourne.



There’s no way around it: hen’s nights and strippers go together like a good Chardonnay and prawns. While this might be a bit risqué for some people (consult with your girlfriends beforehand), there’s no shame in seeing some masculine beauty before fully committing to Prince Charming. Luckily, there’s no shortage of glistening abs in Melbourne. Consider heading over to Magic Men Australia for some Channing Tatum-action (and copious audience participation), visit the Princes of the Night for a two-hour spectacle of muscles and music, or – if you dare – get yourself a Puppetry of the Penis Private Party. With a name like that, we don’t need to elaborate.



Tired of letting strippers do all the dancing and want to get some action yourself? Melbourne is home to a wide variety of dancing establishments where you and your girlfriends can get a sweat on. Take a trip through history at The Dancing Hen, with packages ranging from a speakeasy party straight out of the roaring twenties to a true seventies disco inferno. If you’re up for something more physical, consider taking a twerking course at Aussie Twerk – those skills might come in handy later. For the real fitness fans, a session at Pole Divas might be more up your alley.


Food and drinks

Whether you are looking to start your hens night packages in Melbourne off with some comfort food or to endulge yourself on some alcoholic goodness, Melbourne’s thriving restaurant and bar sector has got you covered. Get your girlfriends together for a classy high tea at Mary Eats Cake (or at your own place, since they also have a catering service). If you’re looking for dapper bartenders and colorful drinks, visit Liquid Infusion and enjoy their steady supply of young bar personnel and fancy cocktails. Finally, For the Love of Grape offers a tour of their amazing vineyard in the Yarra Valley and even offers you a shuttle service to drop you off at your establishment of choice to continue the night.


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