Is Designing your Own Home Hard?

Fact: architects are expensive. They can cost anywhere between 8% to 15% of your total project – with some charging per square footage rather than per hour. This makes the question “is designing your own home hard?” perfectly reasonable. If the law doesn’t require an architect to sign off on your building plan, it is possible to design it yourself.


In fact, designing your house plan can give you greater creative control to build the home of your dream but nothing to worry about that since Brisbane luxury home builders will help you with that. The difficulty with the design will depend on your response to these questions.

  • What experience do you have in designing a home? You don’t need to have an architectural undergraduate degree, but some experience in building will help.
  • What sort of house are you building? The bigger and, more complicated, the house is, the more difficult designing it would be.
  • What’s your budget? Building costs a lot of money, and if you don’t have enough to chip in for an architect, designing your own home becomes necessarily easier.

If you’ve seen one of those Epic building fails, then you know there’s more to designing a home than answering the questions above. Here are 3 building design tips you should bear in mind.


Building Design Tips


#1. Create your building brief. This primarily means the “why” of your building. Why are you not buying something already mass produced? What architectural style do you want? What size of building do you want? Your ideas may change a bit later on, but it’s always good to have a rough image of your needs in your mind before you begin.


#2. Look through architectural publications to get ideas about what your vision should look like as a floor plan. If you can, take tours of empty homes in your neighborhood, compare the space you plan on building on with what’s on site. Don’t forget to take photos for future reference.


#3. Be thorough with your budget planning. You can always change what’s on paper, so make sure you get every small detail right.

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