Is Melbourne a Nice Place to Visit?

The ‘Most Livable’ City

If you haven’t experienced the best affordable serviced accommodation in Melbourne has to offer, then you might be missing out. People planning their next holiday often ask, “Is Melbourne nice to visit?” and they might be surprised to hear the answer: it’s a great place to visit, and live too! In fact, Melbourne is ranked as the world’s most livable city, for a number of reasons that make it the go to destination for Australians every year.


Art Like No Other

While Melbourne’s sunny beaches are great for relaxing, the city boasts a number of amazing attractions guaranteed to keep you busy. There are art galleries, museums, and performances on every corner that can’t be found anywhere else. The city is also known for its coffee. Their large number of interesting cafes and unique flavors are a great place to unwind and take in all the sights. If you’re a fan of shopping, then Queen Victoria Market is a way to see some of Melbourne’s history and check out local and Indigenous art. Its convenient location puts you nearby to some other great monuments and sites to explore.


Perfect for Exploring

Melbourne also has a lot to offer in the way of beautiful countryside and landscapes. The Puffing Billy Railway is an open air train that will take you through some of Melbourne’s most scenic spots and is a rather nice place for weary travelers to get some fresh air. Whatever you’re looking for in your next holiday, Melbourne is a good spot to give a visit. After all, you might find yourself like some of the 5 million Australians living there and decide to stay! Ranked as Australia’s second most populous city, Melbourne is guaranteed to keep you busy and has a wide variety of accommodations. Grab those sunnies and check them out on your next holiday.

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